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Ally: I’m not going to say anything about the Sinead vs. Miley feud except both of them are idiots. Sinead for making derogatory remarks about sex workers and Miley for mocking mental illness. Idiots.

Re: the SNL performance…So full disclosure, I didn’t actually “watch” Miley Cyrus on SNL this past Saturday, but that’s how we do reviews here at FPQT. I felt it was enough to troll the Internet to see what others were saying and share with you what I felt were the best bits. Clearly, this skit hit the mark:

YouTube Preview Image

That’s funny, right?

What was most impressive were Miley’s two performances. Let me break them down:

Wrecking Ball

YouTube Preview Image

My first thought is that she must have a T-Pain microphone, similar to the one my four year old owns. That’s some auto tuning going on, right? Doesn’t really matter though, it’s still a wicked performance and completely fitting that she’s wearing a Poison jersey to compliment this power ballad.


Remember Poison? Is it too early for a Colt 45?

YouTube Preview Image

It should come as no surprise that I love this look given my affinity for Rock Star Groupie style.

We Can’t Stop

Some critics are probably going to say that Miley couldn’t have performed the fast-paced version of Can’t Stop in the SNL setting without pulling a complete Ashlee Simpson.


Perhaps. I think it was a calculated move on Cyrus’ part to strip down all of the other elements (including the latex) to shut the naysayers down and show her artistic grit. So for me, this completely worked.

YouTube Preview Image

What didn’t work, and what I’ll freak out about for the next 20 years if she started a trend, were those Nike flip-flops. Those are like the 90s version of Crocs!


Did you guys catch the hosting gig? What were your thoughts?

Also, in case you missed it, we had a rare Sunday post where we shared our feelings on Eminem’s daughter winning the Homecoming Queen title. Feelings such as, “When the fuck did we get so old?”.

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  1. Golf claps for legitimately working in a Poison video.

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